2015, performance and video.
The performance responded to an open call launched by Berlinerpool network in Berlin in march 2015. It took place during the opening of the group exposition «Fridge» in the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery on April 23.

«FRIDGE is a digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today. Following the formula you are what you consume, dictated by the market(ing) and advertising industry, the fridge, an utilitarian object, stands in this project as a household pedestal of human desire, camouflaging the wishes, excesses and anxieties of a society that fluctuates between the paradox of the more and the less. Mirrored realities inside a mechanically reproduced question: What are you hungry for?» (Paz Ponce curator)

The sentence «open to me(a)t hope» is written on a yellow post-it on the fridge door. The fridge is plug in and the internal temperature is -4°. The artist is inside the fridge wearing a 5mm neoprene wetsuit and, above it, a flesh & bones medical costume on sale for 56$ on Ebay. He stays inside the fridge in a fetal position with in his hands a box of long matches (20cm). Each time a visitor will open the fridge the artist strikes a match and offer it to him/her. A match coming from inside a fridge is a paradox.

Art as hope to understand and change the society, Food as us human beings: we are what we eat, Market as lack of hope because money-focused, Consumption’s symbol is a matchstick burning, Production of art through our flesh, Desire that the burning matchstick last forever.