Stefano Cassetti is a conceptual designer with a background in fine arts and industrial design. He uses contemporary art disruptively to investigate social behavior, instinct, perception and how creativity has to deal with irony and morality.

He thinks objects as a way to discover our hidden desires but also viceversa. His aim is answering hidden need with a smile-solution, pumping poetry into surrealistic but purpose-led object.

Constantly placed on the edge between art and design, first he transforms ordinary into mundane and after that into something else somehow surprising and reflection-provoking.

Stefano Cassetti likes the words: downshifting, randomly drawn democracy, permission-free, site specific & location independent, durational performance.

His heroes are Joseph Beuys, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Joan Brossa, Roman Signer, Markus Schinwald, Julien Berthier,, Dominic Wilcox, Erwin Wurm, Adrian Howells.